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Discover A Smartphone That Can Last For Up To 3 Days!


Discover A Smartphone That Can Last For Up To 3 Days!


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Complementing the daily needs of individuals when it comes to smartphones, HONOR Philippines launched its newest long-life battery phone, the HONOR X7b, at a budget-friendly price.

This March, HONOR Philippines unveiled the HONOR X7b, highlighting its best-ever battery feature that can last for up to three days.

With its 6000mAh battery capacity, the smartphone can last for at least three days even with the use of online streaming, music playback, surfing social media, and even making calls. This battery capacity is much bigger than HONOR’s latest smartphone, the HONOR X9b, with 5800 mAh, which caters to its durable battery despite its price.

Its battery is certified with the DXOMARK Battery Gold Label, which was also acquired by HONOR X9b. Based on a test performed by technology quality evaluation laboratory DXOMARK, the HONOR X7b was able to get the fifth rank in the global ranking of smartphones when it comes to battery life with a score of 151.

In terms of essential ranking, the smartphone was able to rank first, besting the other smartphones, even those that are considered to be high-end brands.

When tested, the HONOR X7b was observed to have a low discharging current when the smartphone was active and is perfect for outdoor autonomy as it also has a longer battery life when used in outdoor activities.

Having this battery life was made possible with its newest 35W HONOR SuperCharge, making charging faster than usual.

The HONOR X7b was able to reach its 80% charging time in just one hour and eight minutes and was able to be fully charged when plugged in for at least two hours and 42 minutes, based on the observation of DXOMARK.

After charging, users can enjoy the service of the smartphone as the battery life will remain at its highest percentage even with continuous use of social media, cameras, and gaming applications.

To avail of HONOR X7b, consumers can visit the nearest HONOR Experience Store or skip the hassle by ordering from its virtual shops available on its affiliate online shopping websites.