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Things You Need To Do To Prevent Flu


Things You Need To Do To Prevent Flu

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With the current change in the country’s weather from hot to cold, it is very crucial for individuals to catch some flu or influenza.

To prevent you from catching this flu, it might affect not only yourself but also your future plans because this can drain your energy.

1. Avoid close contact with someone who is sick

Catching the flu is very common when you are in close contact with someone who has the flu. To prevent you from being sick, you must wear a face mask when you need to approach that person or disinfect immediately when you have contact with each other.

Distance when talking with a person with flu is also advisable, as the virus from that person can be transferred through their saliva through talking.

2. Always clean your hands

Having the flu or catching a virus often starts with the little things that we do, and an example of this is having dirty body parts, particularly the hands.

Noting that the hands have an important role in the body of a human, they should always be cleaned or sanitized, as this can touch sensitive parts of the body such as the eyes and mouth, where viruses can easily be transferred.

3. Practice healthy habits

Being healthy will always be the best shield for preventing sickness. Practicing healthy habits such as disinfecting items around you, getting enough sleep, managing stress, and eating healthy can definitely help you get away from catching the flu this season.

This might be a small step to get away with the flu, but it has a big contribution in making your body and immune system stronger to fight the possible virus that will enter your body.

4. Get flu vaccine

In addition to consuming nutritional foods and practicing healthy habits, boosting your body with vaccines is also a must to fight against those germs or viruses.

According to experts, flu shots should be taken by individuals every year to protect the body from the latest strain of the virus in every flu season.

To be particular, the individuals who are advised to get this kind of vaccine are those aged 50 years and older, children from 6 to 23 months, and those who have chronic health conditions to boost their immune system as they are more prone to catching the flu.

5. Stay at home when you’re sick

If you’re the one who carries the flu or has the feeling of possibly being sick, then you should already stay at home to lessen the possibility of spreading the virus to other people.

Besides not spreading the virus to other people, staying at home will also help you get the complete rest that is needed to get away with the flu, as your body may feel fatigued and weak when you catch this virus.

6. When sneezing, cover your mouth and nose

As far as spreading the flu is concerned, another way to stop it from spreading to other people is to cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze, as the saliva from your mouth can be transferred to the person close to you.

Better yet, you can wear a face mask just to be sure that you can’t easily spread viruses to other people, especially those whom you are with in your household.

With the current situation, not only in our country, it is really important for us to take care of our health, as this will not only affect the state of an individual but can also have other consequences for other people.

Be safe, and protect not only yourself but also your loved ones!