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Tara Kain! Top 5 Pinoy Breakfast Healthy Edition


Tara Kain! Top 5 Pinoy Breakfast Healthy Edition

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Breakfast is just a very unique meal and experience for different types of people, especially to the culture of Filipinos. And being the very first meal of the day, it should already be the healthy meal that will awaken our system. It can either replenish your nutrients and prepare you for the day or ruin your mood along with the start of your day.

Of course we want to avoid the latter without completely removing the familiar breakfasts we know every morning because of diet. And with that, here are healthier alternatives or additions to your favorite Filipino breakfast.


Of course the first one to be on the list are the SiLog meals, which is a combination of fried rice (Sinangag) and Egg (Itlog).

And a viand is usually included with these two to complete the meal. Well use ‘hotsilog’ as an example, it is a combination of kids favorite hotdog, sinangag and itlog (hot-si-log).

Now this is just one of the many variations of this type of meal. But since the viands are the stars of the show, there is no option to remove it completely. In fact all you have to do is instead of using pure white rice, opt for brown rice and use olive oil when frying the rice and the eggs.

If you want it to be a bit fancy, you also have an option to mix in a bit of grains to still make you feel full. We know that brown rice carries more nutrients than pure white rice, and by adding the olive oil and mixed grains only ensures that your body receives a bunch of nutrients at the start of your day.


Thankfully, there’s no need to eliminate this out as well. That is because dried fish is known to be rich in protein, vitamins, and even minerals which are good for enhancing the functions of organs. Doctors further say dry fish can help fight diabetes and obesity because it is low in calories and super-rich in Omega 3.

But of course to make it even more beneficial, it is recommended that you add in freshly cut cucumbers and tomatoes. Not only for the extra nutrients but also to cleanse your palette from the naturally salty taste of dried fish.


Instead of having just scrambled eggs, try to opt for a soft-boiled egg. Because heat affects food in different ways, soft-boiled eggs are the best version of cooked eggs for your body to digest it easily. A 2018 study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that up to 12 eggs per week won’t negatively affect your health. In addition to this, soft-boiled eggs retain more beneficial nutrients than hard-boiled eggs.


Of course one of the trademark Filipino breads could not be excluded from this list. The bread is already tasty and sufficient by itself, but to add more nutrients, try filling it with either peanut butter or even dairy products.

Peanut butter has been known to promote weight loss if consumed in moderation. This is because of the unsaturated fats in peanut butter with the additional benefits of proteins and fiber that can help you feel full for longer.

As for dairy, according to the British Dietetic Association (BDA), dairy products also act as our source of calcium which keeps muscles, even bones, nerves, teeth, skin and vision healthy. Moreover, it also maintains healthy blood pressure for a lot of Filipinos that suffer from high blood pressure. With this though, it is recommended to consume about 2–3 servings of dairy per day to get enough calcium for your bones.


On to the last one on our list, since holiday season is coming up and it’s getting cold in the Philippines, this has to be included. Healthy hot cocoa or ‘hot chocolate’ basically depends on how it is made. Of course, hot choco made from organic cacao, coconut milk and brown sugar is the best source of healthy fats and antioxidants but not all of us have that option. As an alternative you can still use tableya but it is not recommended to consume it daily, a cup of hot choco a day is best.