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PWD Pinoy Artist Shares Artwork He Made Using His Feet


PWD Pinoy Artist Shares Artwork He Made Using His Feet

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Nothing is impossible to flourish in your passion. Bermin Villasor Rigor, a painter from San Pedro, Laguna, shared his ‘One Piece’ artwork on a public Facebook page named Guhit Pinas on October 19.

Rigor used his feet to paint all the characters of the anime series in acrylic on a 15 x 19 canvas. Members of the page were interested in his artwork, and by October 26, it was finally sold.

Encouraging comments such as “Ituloy mo lang pangarap mo boss hindi hadlang ang kapansanan” and “Good job po kuya, more awesome works to come! “That kept Rigor exploring the artistic world with his special talent.

He has opened multiple social media channels and pages to promote his commission skills and attract more interested customers.

On his YouTube account, he uploads a timelapse of how he draws with his feet. Aside from this, he also tries out different challenges to entertain people occasionally.

Rigor also opened a Facebook page named ‘Berm’s Art Using Foot’ for those interested in commissioning self-portraits, family portraits, character sketches, and more.

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