Monday, July 15, 2024

PAGEONE Embraces Traditional Filipino Cuisine Through “FeelsLikeHome” Campaign


PAGEONE Embraces Traditional Filipino Cuisine Through “FeelsLikeHome” Campaign

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In a bid to celebrate and preserve the essence of Filipino culinary heritage, PAGEONE, the most-awarded public relations agency in the Philippines, launches its latest campaign, “#FeelsLikeHome: Embracing the Richness of Filipino Comfort Food,” on October 29, Partnering with BrandPlay Inc., this initiative aims to revive an appreciation for authentic food that holds a special place in every Filipino.

In a landscape dominated by fast-food chains and trendy eateries, the allure of modern dining often overshadows the traditional comfort food that encapsulates the warmth of Filipino homes. Collaborating with BrandPlay, PAGEONE seeks to encourage Filipinos of all ages to delve into the rich tapestry of their culinary heritage, fostering a connection with the roots that define their cultural identity.

BrandPlay Managing Director, John Frederick Cruz, expressed the campaign’s mission by saying, “The “#FeelsLikeHome” campaign serves as a reminder that, amid the diverse culinary landscape, the heart and soul of Filipino culture reside in the rich tapestry of Filipino comfort food. This campaign seeks to rekindle the love for and appreciation of authentic Filipino dishes passed down through generations.”

PAGEONE President, Vonj Tingson added, “As a PR agency deeply rooted in Filipino culture, we recognize the power of food in preserving our identity and bringing people together. Whether working abroad and longing for their favorite Filipino dishes, this campaign serves as a platform that food serves as a tangible expression of unity and identity for Filipinos, transcending geographical boundaries.”

Join PAGEONE in the journey to rediscover the Language of Love through Filipino comfort food using the hashtag #FeelsLikeHome. Together, let’s embark on a culinary adventure that connects us to our roots, reinforces our cultural identity, and brings us back to what truly “feels like home.”

PAGEONE will collaborate with chefs, food experts, and cultural enthusiasts to curate content showcasing Filipino cuisine’s diversity and richness. To learn more about the movement and how to get involved, please visit and follow PAGEONE at