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MCIA Transitions To ‘Silent Airport’ For Serene But Enjoyable Travel


MCIA Transitions To ‘Silent Airport’ For Serene But Enjoyable Travel

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The Mactan Cebu International Airport (MCIA) is now transitioning into a “silent airport” that would provide a serene atmosphere among travelers using the Central Visayas’ airport.

Athanasios Titonis, MCIA’s chief executive officer, said the transition would make the travel experience to and from MCIA more enjoyable for the passengers and align with global standards.

“We continuously monitor advancements in the aviation industry to implement at MCIA, prioritizing the highest level of passenger experience. Our goal is to ensure that the passenger journey at MCIA aligns with global standards, inspiring foreign visitors to choose us as their gateway to discover the Philippines,” Titonis said in a statement.

Silent airports are characterized by their minimal or complete absence of announcements over loudspeakers.

The plan to adopt a noiseless airport terminal is expected to mitigate noise pollution and foster a serene atmosphere for travelers.

Instead of verbal announcements, silent airports would utilize visual displays, electronic signage, and mobile notifications to communicate essential information such as boarding times, gate adjustments, and security notices.

Singapore Changi Airport and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol are leading examples of airports worldwide that have successfully implemented silent airport practices.

While still in the initial phases, the airport on Mactan Island gradually reduces repetitive announcements while prioritizing essential ones.

Passengers could anticipate a smooth transition period until they become accustomed to a system where all announcements are eliminated.

Ricia Montejo, head of the airport’s customer experience section, said the move stemmed from actively listening to passenger feedback and identifying pain points.

“Passenger feedback and pain points have consistently served as primary drivers for change and advancement here at MCIA,” she said.

“Our operational philosophy revolves around the belief that the vacation experience begins the moment travelers set foot in our airport, and our commitment is to ensure a holistic experience by providing a peaceful environment,” she added. (PNA)