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Loving Beyond The Breed: Jodi Sta. Maria and Kim Atienza’s Love For Stray Animals


Loving Beyond The Breed: Jodi Sta. Maria and Kim Atienza’s Love For Stray Animals

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The cuteness of pets like dogs and cats is really a stress reliever after a long, tiring day; hence, having a pet does not revolve around those animals with breeds, and this was supported by Filipino celebrities such as Jodi Sta. Maria and Kim Atienza.

Despite being known personalities in the industry, these celebrities continued to promote how to show love to animals, even though they were stray.

Jodi started to share her journey as a stray fur parent when she met her loving cat “Naia” on January 5 while loitering around the airport.

According to her Twitter thread, she saw the cat helplessly calling other passengers’ attention to the extent that the cat would be crashed by the airport’s carts.

Without any hesitation, Jodi has adopted the cat for a new home. “I got her, took her home, and named her Naia, pronounced as Na-ya kasi sa NAIA Terminal 1 ko siya nakuha,” Jodi said.

After this encounter with “Naia,” the actress constantly shared updates about her cat on her social media accounts, which a lot of netizens admired.

From Naia’s veterinary updates to the foods her cat ate, Jodi cheerfully responds and shares them with her fans, who have also become her cat’s lovers.

This journey of Jodi and Naia became an inspiration for netizens as they also shared their stray animal stories along with Jodi’s posts to share how loving and caring stray animals are.

On the other hand, Filipino celebrity and host Kim Atienza, also known as Kuya Kim, also used his platform to promote care for stray animals.

Known to have a big heart for animals, Kuya Kim shared his adoption journey with two senior dogs that were kept at a local stray animal foundation.

“We will love you and care for you till your last breath Lolo Raf and Granny,” he said.

With their heartfelt efforts in adopting these two senior dogs, the netizens and even the stray animal foundation can’t help but be emotional about giving shelter to these dogs.

“May this inspire more people to adopt, especially senior dogs who deserve the best life in their golden years,” the Pawssion Project Foundation said.

In line with this, Kuya Kim recently shared how they handle 35 dogs, which are mostly rescued stray animals.

“We live with a pack of 35 dogs, most of them rescued aspins. People ask us if it’s difficult, a little bit, but the joy they give makes everything worth it!” he said.

These celebrities were living proof that having animals should not be dependent on their breed or age. Just like humans, they deserve to be loved and enjoy their lives until they get old.

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