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How To Take Care Of Your Acne-Prone Skin During Summertime


How To Take Care Of Your Acne-Prone Skin During Summertime

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The sun has already blessed us with its rays, making us experience the heat this summer season. It is time to finally wear that bikini. However, do not limit yourself to taking care of your skin only when going to the beach. Excess heat can be irritating because of the excess sweat and sebum buildup.

We can surely enjoy those tan lines, but prolonged exposure to the sun is also damaging to your skin and health. Because the more time you spend in the sun, the more your skin sags, skin lesions, and mottled skin pigmentation.

Scroll down to see how you can take care of your skin not just every time you are on the beach.


1. Invest in a good cleanser

Before choosing your cleanser, make sure that your body soap is not the same cleanser that you will use to clean your face.


Choosing a soap for your body during this heat is easier than choosing a face wash. Choose a soap that has a moisturizing ingredient that will not overdry your skin but leave it feeling refreshed. Do not let the heat trick you into buying soaps that will over-strip your skin. Remember that your body, compared to your face, has fewer oil glands.


You have to know what skin type you have so that you will know what kind of cleanser you will be purchasing. By nature, skin on the face will create more sebum during the summertime, especially if you live in a humid country. You might want to try cleansers that are mild or alcohol-free. However, these might not do the job for you if you have acne-prone skin, so opt for cleansers with acids like salicylic acid, which are known to gently break down the sebum on the skin that controls the production of acne. However, be careful if you plan to hit the beach because this ingredient without using sunscreen causes sunburn.


2. Toner

This is what provides hydration to your skin after cleansing. Depending on the consistency of your toner determines which order this product must come first. If your toner has a water texture, this must come second. The thinnest consistency must be the next in line with your skincare routine after cleansing your face for better product absorption.


3. Moisturizer


Sometimes we avoid using any moisturizers during the summertime given the heat, but it is important to moisturize because we are still losing hydration. We need to moisturize to lock that hydration in.

Choosing your moisturizers is a miss or hit. The most common moisturizers are body lotions, and these are perfect for people who have dry skin. Body oils, on the other hand, seem to be the pick for moisturizing as well as helping the skin to heal its barrier. It is best to apply these moisturizers right after you get out of the shower. There are no better features for these moisturizers because they are made to cater to different skin needs.


Throw away that mindset of not applying moisturizer because your face produces more than enough sebum. The reason why your skin produces so much oil is because your skin feels like it is being dried out. It produces more sebum to compensate for the lack of hydration.

Use a water-based gel moisturizer instead of a cream-based one. A gel moisturizer is lighter on the skin. It still does the job of normal cream moisturizers; it keeps your skin hydrated and locks it at the same time. Only use this at night when doing your skincare routine.


4. Sunscreen

If you are still not wearing your sunscreen, then what are you doing?


We know that applying sunscreen to our faces is as important as applying it to our bodies. However, applying sunscreen every day in a humid country is not the best feeling, so instead of the regular lotion sunscreen, try using sunscreen sprays. Make sure that it has at least SPF 30.


Applying sunscreen should be a daily occurrence and not only every time you hit the beach. Look for a sunscreen with SPF 30 or 50 that feels light on the skin, because sunscreens in general have that shiny look on the face and get oilier as the day progresses. This is not an issue because this is a normal occurrence. Just make sure to get the right type of sunscreen that caters to your skin’s needs.

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