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Filipinos Brought Home More Than 300 Medals During The WCOPA


Filipinos Brought Home More Than 300 Medals During The WCOPA

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Proving the talent of Filipinos when it comes to performing arts, the Philippine team won 362 medals at the 26th annual World Championships Of Performing Arts (WCOPA).

On August 6, the Philippine team that participated in WCOPA disclosed that they have over 362 tallied medals for this year.

To tally, the Philippines were able to get 10 finalist medals, 56 semi-finalist medals, 86 gold, 91 silver, 59 bronze medals, 53 division winner plaques, and seven scholarships from the New York Conservatory of Dramatic Arts.

Along with these medals, the Philippine team also got four senior grand champions and one senior grand champion recognition from the said contest.

“After 6 years, we won the grand champion title again! Mabuhay ang talentong Pinoy,” Team Philippines posted on their Facebook account.

WCOPA is a competition done annually with participants from over 70 countries to show off their skills in the field of performing arts. The judges at the said event were disclosed to be part of the season’s talent managers, casting directors, and coaches, who are also multi-awarded individuals.

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