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Filipino Architect Gets Recognition For His Ecological Urbanism Project


Filipino Architect Gets Recognition For His Ecological Urbanism Project

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Expertise in landscape architecture earned Dubai-based Filipino architect Patrick Soriano the Global Filipino Architect of the Year Award in the 2023 UAP Dubai Design Awards.

His residential community development project in The Valley, Dubai, located on the outskirts, reflected his design philosophy of ecological urbanism.

In the design, he mimics the regional environment while incorporating wadi-like valley forms, an Arabic term for a dry riverbed that fills up when it rains.

Soriano and his team also implemented a reed bed system that allows natural filtration of wastewater and stormwater; it was considered cost-effective and an amenity for the Valley Dubai residents.

In his interview with a local news outlet, Soriano admitted that landscape architecture is quite a challenge.

“Landscape architecture allows me to merge my creative vision with my commitment to ecological balance. I am excited by the challenge of crafting designs that seamlessly integrate human needs with the health of the planet, whether it’s through native plant selections, water-efficient systems, or innovative stormwater management techniques,” he said.

With the project featuring contemporary townhouses, he also made sure that walking or cycling was a better mode of transportation for the neighborhood.

Soriano also had several projects, such as the Dubai Expo 2020, encompassing 400 hectares of land. He took inspiration from a traditional Arab market and was guided by the themes of sustainability, mobility, and opportunity.

He was praised by his former mentor, Steven Velegrinis, for his successful Dubai Expo project. “As one of the lead landscape architects responsible for the delivery of Dubai Expo, he has demonstrated his absolutely unshakable ability to design and execute without peer.”

Through his journey as an architect, he then expressed his gratitude to his mentors and encouraged his fellow Filipino architects to never stop pursuing their goals in life, as they will also achieve such success for themselves.

“As a Filipino architect, I am proud to represent my country on a global stage. I hope that this recognition serves as an inspiration to aspiring architects, especially in the Philippines, demonstrating that with passion, perseverance, and dedication, dreams can become reality,” he said.

With this recognition, Soriano commits to contributing more creative designs. He shares that his recognition is a reminder that Filipinos possess the potential for global positive change.

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