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Fast-Food Chain Gives Tribute To Its Graduating Working Students


Fast-Food Chain Gives Tribute To Its Graduating Working Students

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Celebrating their hard work and dedication to work while finishing their degree, McDonald’s in Lingayen features its graduating working students in their branch.

Shared on Facebook, local netizen King Ortega showed how he was mesmerized by the fast food chain’s recognition of its part-timer students, saying that this was the first time he had seen something like that.

“Kudos to MCDO Lingayen for publicly recognizing your employees’ achievements in their professional development journey. Thank you for showing your support and commitment to continuous learning and improvement, which will inspire and motivate your employees and other working students to do the same,” Ortega captioned.

Before the said post from Ortega went viral, the fast food chain in Lingayen had already disclosed a post for its graduating part-time employees for their dedication to finishing their studies even though they are working.

Over 16 students were applauded by McDonald’s for showing their commitment to finishing their degrees and working part-time to sustain their educational and family needs.

“We’re proud to have your kindness and determination on our team. Promise, nandito lang kami para tulungan kayong ma-achieve ang best self niyo,” the McDonald’s Lingayen captioned.

The said students and employees graduated with different college degrees such as in education, hospitality management, business administration, and public administration.

Applauding the employees’ commitment to graduate, netizens shared their sentiments on the said posts saying how hard it is to be a worker and student at the same time.

“Congratulations! [Hindi] madaling pagsabayin ang pagaaral at pagtrabho pero pag may sikap at tiyaga kayang kaya,” a netizen commented.

This has shown that even in a small gesture, this will definitely be appreciated by people, especially by its employees giving them validation to their hard work and dedication to work and study at the same time.

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