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7 Lapu-Lapu City Paddlers Cited For Dragon Boat Win Medals


7 Lapu-Lapu City Paddlers Cited For Dragon Boat Win Medals

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Seven members of the Philippine Accessible Disability Service (PADS) Paradragon Elite Team who are natives of this historical island city will get recognition and incentives from the local government here.

The members of PADS Paradragon Elite Team visited Mayor Junard Chan in his office at the city hall here on Tuesday to present to him their medals after winning the 16th World Dragon Boat Racing Championships held in Rayong, Pattaya, Thailand from Aug. 7-13, 2023 and sponsored by the International Dragon Boat Federation (IDBF).

The Lapu-Lapu City natives offered their medals – 11 are bronze, five are silver, and six are gold.

“I will recommend to the City Council, through Sport Committee chairperson Councilor Janvi de la Serna, giving recognition and incentives to these seven paddlers who brought honor to Lapu-Lapu City,” Chan told reporters.

The local legislative body will still determine the amount of the incentives.

Chan said the seven who are known as “Top Arm” paddlers are identified as Myra Puso from Barangay Poblacion; Princess Dag-om from Barangay Basak; John Tiu from Barangay Pajac; Eduardo Pangatungan from Barangay Maribago; Timmy Dinopol from Barangay Basak; Ramoncito Noguera from Barangay Basak; and Rocky Berdin from Barangay Canjulao.

The seven paddlers are part of the 22-man dragon boat team that competed against 80 countries worldwide.

The race competition has a 2-kilometer (km) stretch, a 1-km. stretch, a 500-meter length, and a 200-meter length.

Each race length has two categories: the para dragon (PD) 1 which has comprising of PWD paddlers, and PD 2 with half of the paddlers are PWD and half are abled paddlers.

The competitors raced in a small boat with 10 paddlers. There is also a standard boat with 20 paddlers, with a drummer and one person to man the boat’s steer.

The PADS Paradragon Team raced in all four lengths, utilized all boat sizes, and competed in the PD1 and PD2 categories.

“You are bringing the name of the Philippines, and all seven paddlers are part of the team and from Lapu-Lapu,” Chan said. (PNA)