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5 Easy To Swallow Pills For Your Self-Improvement


5 Easy To Swallow Pills For Your Self-Improvement

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People often put a high value on anything they consider worthy. We put so many things in the highest place of our priorities thinking that they are the definition of real joy. It has improved our means of living in ways we believe they do, that we unknowingly stop actively seeking on which ‘improvement’ really has to be.

So, of all the things you’ve tried so hard to improve, why have you never improved yourself?

This question might be for someone who has heard all sorts of movies that discusses the character development of every cast; however, still haven’t reached the grid of where self-improvement comes from or for someone who has been trying to realize what went wrong in their self-improvement journeys. Then, was there a formula to self-improvement?

Talking about self-improvement, it is the goals or any given activities that enhance the quality of life of someone and or help people to reach their full potential and realize the objectives and standard of their dreams. It defines the improvement of one’s knowledge, skills, mindset, and character— the most important factor of growing

Self-improvement is a lifelong process but guess, you’ll want to try these 5 easy to swallow pills for self-improvement.


Pill #1: Start-up with self-reflection

When aiming for self-development, the first step always comes as the hardest. Starting, we are to assess ourselves— the existing strengths and weaknesses, the pebbles or rocks that hindered us from improving, the people who might be behind your unaltered lifestyle, or oftentimes, it is ourselves we find as the biggest stumbling block to why self-improvement wasn’t taking place for you. You have tied up yourself for way too long so, to finally start your journey of self-improvement, you must not forget to cut yourself first from the bubble of “this is all I can be” that you were in.


Pill #2: Troubleshoot your habits

They say over 40 percent of decisions we do each day aren’t decisions at all. They are what we call habits.

Most of the time, with all the things we did so far, we didn’t make decisions among them. We do what we’re used to, choose what we thought was the best as a result of our constants, and simply do what we’ve done before. Though, these are all products of our habits that make us less healthy, less productive, and less of everything that we could be. Given that, we cannot easily extinguish a bad habit we had almost our entire existence but the key to troubleshooting our habits is extinguishing the bad habits.

Certainly, we cannot just change our old habits but in trying, there is always a ‘reward’ you get out of it.


Pill #3: Remember the 0.0001 percent of your everyday

Sometimes, all sorts of self-improvement materials and ideas aren’t enough to reach the point of development. Although you get clear on what you want and why you want it in the first place, there’s always something you might be missing until today.

You might have heard some advice from podcasts or read from books that to achieve that self-improvement you’ve been working on for so long, you must put your hundred percent on everything. Indeed, this is a helpful reminder for everyone, but it is also relevant to be reminded that even your 0.0001 percent matters. A lesser percentage of growth is better than nothing at all. Hence, celebrating even the littlest improvement you knew you’ve performed as even the “almost” when built up is still an effort to get improved.


Pill #4: Let go of that “fixed mindset”

I am fine to who I am today-entirely-tending to stick with what you have and know. This is the cliché narrative of many people nowadays. In a fixed mindset, many believe that they are either born as naturally good and they’re not. They do not view improvement as a fixed trait to success. They claim to be satisfied with who they currently are but are forgetting that every passing minute is a good chance for self-improvement. People who often have the “fixed mindset” seek to validate themselves. But once someone has let go of that “fixed mindset” upon aiming for an improved self, it will eventually start changing into a growth mindset that is focused on developing themselves.


Pill #5: Make a count of something different

Learn to work harder on yourself than you do in any other aspect of your life, that must be the different thing your self has been waiting to finally get the self-development you wanted. So, to see improvements in yourself, work out any different things that may help you. Work out on your health, relationships, careers, and other considerations that influence you the most to make a difference out of yourself. Given, there are times when we do something different that we are not sure if part of our growth, it is important to realize that doing something different always plays a key role in self-improvement. Self-improvement is something you attract with your efforts.

The only way to have more in life is for you to become more.

Self-improvement is a lifelong process built up with efforts and experiences. You can slow down if you feel like you’re struggling and overwhelmed, or you can continue to walk for it when you think you’re fueled enough to finally achieve it as early as today. Consequently, maintaining your pace upon going through self-improvement is very important.

Taking these self improvement pills, you don’t have to improve everything simultaneously, rather, you have to take time and effort to help yourself become a person of value. Do something improving tomorrow, or the next few days, then the following days, and you will have the self-improvement you were aiming for. Start improving the things you know you need to know and work on improving yourself with proper care.

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