Saturday, July 13, 2024

Senior Fast-Food Chain Service Crew Inspires Online Community


Senior Fast-Food Chain Service Crew Inspires Online Community

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Social media users applauded a senior citizen employed as a service staff member at a well-known fast-food restaurant in Candon, Ilocos Sur.

Even though the photo was posted in 2022, two years later, it continues to move the hearts of people online, which has been brought up once again and sparked conversations.

Willie Baricawa, an over 70-year-old grandfather of 13 children, has won the hearts of many across social media platforms following the posting of his photos by an impressed netizen on Facebook.

Internet users have applauded Baricawa’s determination as well as the fast-food restaurant’s commitment to providing “equal job opportunities” to people of all ages, including seniors who are still willing to be involved in the workplace.

Indeed, Baricawa proves that age and physical condition are not hindrances to groove and work back again.

Photo credit: Andy Zapata Jr. via PhilStar