Saturday, July 13, 2024

RELX Launches Refreshed Look, Offers A New Ray Of Hope For Users


RELX Launches Refreshed Look, Offers A New Ray Of Hope For Users

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RELX International unveiled their new and upgraded brand identity and strategy. The new branding conveys the brand’s continued focus on providing the best quality and inspiring e-cigarette products to users around the world. It also communicates the brand’s focus on championing and supporting RELX users who embrace change and are always exploring new possibilities.

The new year marked the launch of the refreshed look for all its products. The company’s new branding, the RELX Ray of Hope, embodies RELX International’s commitment to transforming lives and offering a better alternative to millions of adult smokers and e-cigarette users.

According to RELX International CEO, Bing Du: “The roll out of our new look will happen gradually on our kiosks, physical stores, and online. We assure RELXers that with our refreshed look comes our strong commitment to help millions of adult smokers find a better alternative to traditional cigarettes,” said Du. “Since we began in 2018, we have helped more than 22 million RELXers make the switch,” Du added.

New Ray of Hope

The new brand identity involves three new core brand identity elements: the Phoenix Icon, the Ray of Hope, and the Color of the Sun.

The golden Phoenix that is repeatedly reborn, rising from the ashes to live a new life, restored, and renewed. The Phoenix acts as a powerful beacon for RELX, bringing the timeless story to life for a brighter future. Meanwhile, the Ray of Hope symbolizes the lighter, brighter future of possibility that RELX inspires. It is a beam of positivity and life, casting a warm glow on the lives of users and illuminating an incredible path ahead.

Under its new branding and revitalized brand purpose, RELX is focused on creating hope for its customers as well as providing high-quality, joyful, and convenient vape products.

“We are always exploring possibilities and we are here to creating hope for our customers who embrace change,” Du said. He added that the group finds strength in carrying on from voices of their customers and the company is responding “to return the strength of hope to them and to smokers around the world”.

One pastry chef who shared her experience said: “I always worry about my taste buds from smoking. But since I picked up my RELX, my sense of taste has improved. Thanks for helping me quit cigarettes.”

Drawing inspiration from their customers’ stories and its brand thrusts, RELX International is committed to empowering communities and takes compliance seriously with regulatory bodies and product standards.

As a trusted brand for adult smokers, RELX will continue to empower users through its superior vape products developed with cutting-edge technology and harness its industry-leading technologies and scientific advances through RELX Technology. Further, RELX enjoined customers to watch for its refreshed look and highlighted the importance of choosing e-cigarettes from reputable brands and outlets that can guarantee safety and high-quality vape products.

“We are extremely excited to provide adult smokers and vapers with a more aspirational and joyful brand identity to help them on their journey to switch or to continue on their path away from traditional cigarettes,” Du said. “We have tested our new visual identity with existing adult users and the results have shown us that they find our new identity to be more joyful, brave, and encouraging. The new brand experience is one of many things we are implementing this year to further drive growth and a better user experience with RELX.”