Monday, July 15, 2024

PAGEONE Unveils “#InfluencersInfluencing” Promoting Role Of Influencers For Social Good


PAGEONE Unveils “#InfluencersInfluencing” Promoting Role Of Influencers For Social Good

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PAGEONE, the top public relations agency in the Philippines, launches its latest initiative, the “#InfluencersInfluencing” campaign. This innovative campaign harnesses the influential voices of social media bloggers and influencers to shed light on important societal issues and ignite positive change.

Influencers play a vital role on social media, thus, the #InfluencersInfluencing campaign will help recognize the potential of these voices to make a difference. Many influencers are primarily known for endorsing brands and services, but they often possess a deep desire to contribute to meaningful causes. However, they may not always know how to effectively channel their influence for social impact.

PAGEONE and Brown Bag Communications Philippines, Inc. (BBCOMM) partner to offer a unique opportunity for influencers to join a collective effort to raise awareness for specific causes. By doing so, they become ambassadors of goodwill, using their platforms to advocate for issues that require attention and action. These influencers will collaborate with PAGEONE and BBCOMM teams to leverage their substantial online presence and promote campaigns that align with their values.

All campaigns supported by influencers in this initiative will be featured on their websites and social media platforms, managed by PAGEONE Online Network – more popularly known as WILDFYRE, creating a powerful synergy between influencers, causes, and the audience.

PAGEONE President Vonj Tingson expressed enthusiasm for the campaign saying, “The #InfluencersInfluencing campaign not only aligns with our commitment to social responsibility but also empowers influencers to use their platforms for a greater good.”

PAGEONE invites influencers and organizations passionate about social change to participate in the #InfluencersInfluencing campaign and help make a significant impact on important causes. By collectively amplifying their voices, influencers can inspire positive change and contribute to a better world.

“We believe that by joining forces with PAGEONE, we can harness the collective power of influencers and create a positive ripple effect that drives real change,” said BBCOMM Managing Director Ma. Louisa “Louie” Sebastian.

Stay tuned for compelling stories, impactful campaigns, and inspiring collaborations as PAGEONE’s #InfluencersInfluencing campaign unfolds. To learn more about the campaign and get involved, please visit and follow PAGEONE at